Wailing Sound In Castle

This video was shot by members of Spiritlevel Paranormal in 2006 when they decided to inspect a castle built in 1094 by Robert of Montgomery on top of an ancient cavern in Pembrokeshire, Wales.
The group say that they had heard a wailing voice for nearly 30 seconds and they also swear that no human was doing it.
So better check out and comment what you feel,though some might still feel it was a paranormal event.

Haunted House

Check out the video to see a house which is said to be haunted.Though in this video no ghosts /spirits etc pop up but still this house seems to be very spooky.

How To Start A Conversation About Getting Back Together name=”wmode” value=”transparent”>

How To Start A Conversation About Getting Back Together

Ghost Caught On Cam In Bodmin Jail

This is a video by John H. from Plymouth, Devon who are sure enough that they caught a ghost on camera in the Bodmin Jail. The authenticity of this video can still be challenged but still we felt like sharing it with you.

Face Of Unknown – Scary Video

The creator of this video is pretty sure that this is authentic. In this video you can see somebody’s face. On seeing it again it becomes very clear and thus sends chills down the spine.

Scary Video – Not For Kids

Just a prank but it can still scare you so dont watch if you dont like scary videos. But if you have decided to see then just concentrate on the center of the video and you try to see a ghost

Traveling In Dark

This video will surely make a sudden rush in your adrenaline. Check out the video to and imagine if you are traveling on that lonely dark road…

Creepy Ghost Video

See the video below and check very carefully and you may see a spirit moving.But some people feel its a shadow but no one is sure about it

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